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Beware of fraudulent penetrators
We are in the process of bringing fraudulent customers known across branches. This will be possible only if we all join hands to identify and corner such financial invaders.
DEFAULTERS REGISTER before engaging with new customers to ensure that they won't push us into trouble and harm our company

What are the warning signs
Let cautious about those who have not repaid their loan or chitty installments in time, taken away big money without proper surety, produced the same fixed asset proof for many withdrawals and on and on...
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About This Application

Who are the users of this application ?

  • Internal Auditors and Audit Squad | KSFE Branches
  • Higher Management in the Internal Audit Department

What are the benefits ?

  • Auditors life made easy | Easy data capturing features | No redundant work
  • Transparency in audit progress | Effective reports | Trend Analysis

Audit Life Cycle;

  • Audit Allocation @ HO > Audit Activity > Branches to close low priority cases immediately
  • Review and follow-up by HO until all cases are closed > Audit Closing

What are the auditors looking for ?

  • Critical issues involving Monetary Loss | Critical issues but has no Monetary Loss
  • Non-Critical Cases | Previous Pending or Unsettled audit queries | afterall, Anything they wish !